Fantastic news: Manicure has been rescheduled and is now happening on Wednesday 15 August.

Caroline Wright’s live art performance was such a success here back in May that we’ve decided to bring the project back to Ham House, and this time we’re making it even bigger and better.

On Wednesday 15 August, Caroline is returning to Ham House and Garden to repeat her work cutting the grass of one of our plats into a pattern by hand. This time, she is looking for lots of other people to pick up some scissors and get involved.

We need around 100 volunteers to assist the artist in cutting a large area of grass into a pattern reflecting the black and white chequerboard floor of the Great Hall. We will attempt to do this in one day using only hairdressing scissors.

Manicure recreates the past endeavour of the garden staff, creating a lawn by cutting the grass by hand.  The artist takes this to an extreme by using scissors, symbolising the power of the aristocracy and the status in the 17th-century of a well-trimmed lawn.

Do you think you’d like to come along and give us a hand?

Join us for a shift, or even the whole day (you will get plenty of breaks) and you will have the chance to take part in an amazing shared experience of live art, working alongside a practising artist. We are also hoping to generate media interest in the event.

Please contact:

Gabrielle Gale, Project Manager, Garden of Reason