Molson Releases Beer Coasters that Grow into Trees

All right, chalk this one up to creative advertising at its best. I’m as much of a cynic as any when it comes to clever marketing ploys, but being able to totter into my back yard and plant my beer coaster at the end of the night is admittedly a pretty cool idea.

As part of Molson’s “Red Leaf Project,” the beer company is urging its fellow Canadians to get involved with restoring the country’s green spaces, distributing biodegradable coasters seeded with…well, seeds. Black Spruce seeds, specifically. Just plant them in a place legal to do so, and wait several years to see the fruits of your besotted labors.

Sadly, most Americans will miss out on this one, even if they do manage to get their hands on a Canadian seed coaster. Northern New York is about as far south as these trees will grow. But wherever you end up trying this, be sure you’re not mistakenly picked up for littering with lager on your breath. I don’t know that any police officer’s going to believe you’re actually planting trees. —MN